Fleet reallocation can save you money

Fleet reallocation occurs when a company reassigns or reallots their fleet vehicles to a different person or for a different purpose.

Why reallocate your fleet vehicles?

There are many reasons why a company may want to reallocate their fleet vehicles. For example;

  • Employees may leave
  • Some members of staff may be on temporary contracts
  • In order to optimise your fleet’s mileage
  • Saving costs

It’s beneficial to show flexibility in considering the options and best interests of the company, in terms of finances and each individual employee. Deriving a culture of fleet reallocation within a company helps make the reallocation part of the norm.

Fleet reallocation or termination?

There are differing opinions on whether reallocation or termination is the best option. In many organisations, a company’s fleet of vehicles is a large overhead expenditure. Therefore they are very valuable assets. Additionally, their value is maximised in today’s economic climate where opportunities to save costs should be taken. It is more cost effective to give a new employee a reallocated vehicle rather terminating an old vehicle and ordering a new one.

There are important factors to take into account when deciding whether to terminate or reallocate your fleet vehicles. This includes the cars age, mileage and condition. If the car is still in good condition, it is essentially more cost-effective to reallocate. Reallocation of fleet vehicles is largely effective in saving a company thousands.

Termination may often be the chosen option due to the fear of reallocated cars being ‘old and worn’ and it isn’t necessarily seen as attractive to be handed a used car. However, these vehicles can be thoroughly checked, fully valeted and undergo all the necessary safety checks ready for delivery to the new driver.

How can we help?

Reallocating your current fleet vehicles can be a hassle and a distraction from daily life within a company. Therefore, at Vale Vehicle Movements and Vale Fleet Solutions, we can offer a complete vehicle moving service.

Using effective systems and technology we can make the process simple, easy and stress-free. Our professionalism and efficiency mean we can provide you with a hassle-free service. You will be able to accept the reallocated car with full confidence of its safety and reliability.

From vehicle collection to servicing and safe delivery of your reallocated vehicle, browse our services to learn more.